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Host The Ex Mormon Files
in your hometown!

Are there a lot of people in your area who have a story of leaving Mormonism for an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ?

We would love to help them tell their stories!

We are looking for folks (18 or older) willing to tell their stories in the half-hour interview format of The Ex Mormon Files. We are also looking for people willing to help coordinate this at a local level--someone who can find those willing to tell their story, coordinate their schedules, and also help us to secure an adequate location for filming.

What We Provide:

  • All the technical set-up--lights, camera, audio, mixing equipment, and backdrop. No technical experience is required on local volunteers' part.
  • We generally cover our own travel, lodging, and food expenses, though if you have creative ways to help us in this area, or to offset our expenses, we are all ears.

What We Need:

  • A Volunteer Coordinator who will serve as the "point person" and liaison between us, the interviewees, and the church, home, or facility providing the filming space
  • A minimum of 6-8 confirmed interviewees who will have responded to a brief questionnaire
  • An adequate space for filming that:
    - Is at least 20' x 20' in size
    - Is in a quiet location that won't be subject to interruption during taping
    - Can be made dark (either windowless, or windows can be completely blacked out
    - Is a dedicated space that can be made secure throughout the entire taping period (particularly if the setup must be left overnight--set up and take down take several hours, so we'd prefer to only do this once!)

Please contact us at (385) 220-5111 or contact@exmormonfiles.com if this is something you'd like to discuss!


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